Custom Web Applications
Build from the ground up using best practices for usability, longevity, security and maintainability. Meant to work on all devices and survive the test of time.
Custom Services & Api's
Expose your important data to the world online securely and efficiently.
Training & Mentorship
Learn from an experienced consultant how to break into a new technology or build a solution that works.
Content Management Systems
Implement and customize a CMS to make your site SEO-friendly and easy to maintain.
Fixes & Enhancements
Add that critical feature to your web application/site or fix those nasty bugs that are hurting your business.
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Skills & Tech

  • mvc (versions 2, 3 & 4)
  • c# & .net
  • ajax (widgets, single page applications, etc.)
  • javascript frameworks (jquery, jquery UI, knockout, sammy, google maps api, etc.)
  • mobile first (responsive design, jquery mobile, etc.)
  • html5 & css3
  • enterprise architecture (domain-driven design, ORM technologies, database design, etc.)
  • services & api's (restful services, re-usable components, wcf, etc.)
  • test-driven tools & methodologies (nunit, jasmine, etc.)
  • agile methodologies (scrum, user stories, estimation, etc)
  • custom social media (facebook graph api, twitter api, flickr api, etc.)
  • [the list never stops]
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Certs & Quals

I don't like tooting my own horn about past achievements, because you're only as good as what you can do today. However, below are the highlights. Please download my resume for more details.

  • 11+ years of professional web and software development
  • used c# and .net since version 1
  • experience in both the enterprise and startup
  • a seriously likeable nerd

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